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Australian Loyalty Association 2023 International Loyalty Conference

11Ants was pleased to be a sponsor of the Australian Loyalty Association's 2023 International Loyalty Conference on the Gold Coast on 9 July, 2023.

There were many interesting sessions, including these ones we sat in on:

  • 'Revolutionizing Rewards: Unleashing Generative to Supercharge Australian Loyalty Programs' delivered by Emad Tahtouh, Principle Head of Creative Technology at Deloitte Australia

  • 'The power of optimization over complete overhaul when reimaging your corporation's Loyalty Program' delivered by Diana Sinclair, Senior Loyalty Marketing Manager at Dan Murphy's

  • 'Moving beyond out-of-the-box personalization to creating meaningful customer communication based on customer insights' delivered by Darren Gunton - General Manager, Marketing at Total Tools

  • 'Are NFTs the engagement ingredient your loyalty program is missing?' delivered by Mark Kelly, Group General Manager Loyalty at Crown Resorts

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