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11Ants Retail Insights Cloud and The Girl From Ipanema

The news at 11Ants today is all about Brazil and we’re excited to share some of these great happenings with you!

Retailers in Brazil have been telling us they’re experiencing the same pain as their counterparts in the rest of the world. Much like the story told in the classic song the The Girl from Ipanema there is more than a little sadness that, as their customers walk by, they ‘look straight ahead, and not at me’.  While their investment in loyalty programs is significant, the promised insight to get and maintain customer attention seems as elusive as ever. They’ve got all the customer data in the world, they just can’t transform it into actionable insight in a timely manner.

11Ants Retail Insights Cloud now speaks Brazilian Portuguese!

Don’t be sad Brazilian retailers –  your frustrations end today. We are delighted to announce that 11Ants Retail Insights Cloud now speaks Brazilian Portuguese fluently. The most powerful, easy to deploy retail customer analytics solution in the English speaking world is now officially the most powerful, easy to deploy retail customer analytics solution in Brazil.

As one executive at a major Latin American retailer recently said: ‘I don’t say I want to cry…but when I look at this compared to how we currently do things, this is amazing!’ Take a look for yourself – request a demo today.

Grupo Toolbox is distributing 11Ants Retail Insights Cloud in Brazil!

We are very excited to welcome Grupo ToolBox to the 11Ants family! Rafael D’Andrea and his star team at Grupo Toolbox are some of the most respected names in consumer retail marketing in Brazil. Rafael has authored Brazil’s best-selling books on shopper and trade marketing and his materials are used widely in the education of this generation of marketers.  We simply couldn’t think of anyone better to team up with. Toolbox share our values and ethos for doing amazing things for our customers and we are really thrilled to be partnering with them. If you are a retailer in Brazil with a need for customer analytics and retail insights and are interested in learning more about the 11Ants Retail Insights Cloud and how it can make you more customer-centric, within days, you should contact them today and request a demo.

11Ants is exhibiting at APAS! | Sao Paulo May 6 – 9, 2019

APAS is the largest food, beverage, hygiene, cleaning, equipment and technology fair for supermarkets in the world. If you are going to be there stop by and say hi to us – you will find us at Pavilhao Azul | Estande 105. It’s all very exciting – here is a 35 second video of our exhibit being built.

Some special thanks…

We’d also like to take the opportunity to say a quick thank you to several great organizations and their people for supporting our initiatives in Latin America.

Callaghan Innovation Callaghan Innovation have been great to us and have helped with funding for technically risky Research & Development initiatives, which has given us the confidence to tackle some of the projects that people told us simply couldn’t be done – e.g. allow a non-technical user to build a bespoke complex technically complex, yet simple to understand, analytical model requiring scanning over 1 billion rows of transaction data, and do it all in less than 30 seconds. (Done – by the way.) Their support has been invaluable to us, special thanks to Bruce Jarvis and Ian Skelton.

Microsoft As many will know the 11Ants Retail Insights Cloud is built on the Microsoft Azure cloud platform which has proven to be a fantastic environment to build on. Our partnership with Microsoft both at a technical and business level has and will continue to be a key element of the success of the 11Ants Retail Insights Cloud. Particular thanks to Gutemberg de Almeida, Stacy Dumas, Selene Orozco, Hayan Ortega, ShiSh Shridhar and Ryan Tarak for all their support  in the Latin American market.

New Zealand Trade & Enterprise NZTE have been instrumental in establishing a market in Latin America for 11Ants. They are a highly effective, world class organization and taxpayers should be proud of the work they do for New Zealand and the passion and enthusiasm they put into it.  Particularly we thank Rhianon Berry, Sophie Craig, Erika Kuoch, Owen O’Kane, Silvia Roizenblatt, Erik Strevel, Erwin ‘the machine’ Tapia and Matheus Terentin.

Te vejo mais tarde!

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