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CRM Analytics Case Study

Mercator Slovenia

Mercator is the largest supermarket in Slovenia, with nearly 500 stores. A data rich company, Mercator found it difficult and slow to extract meaningful information from their vast and complex data systems. Here is how 11Ants helped them.


The Mercator CRM team were inundated with requests that took a long time to answer through a lot of manual work.

“We have lots of data. It was not as connected, and we had to search all the data, to put it into different tables. Then we had to connect them with SQL queries. And that meant a lot of work”.

Watch the video of how 11Ants helped Mercator connect their data and put it into the hands of business users.



tangible business benefits

With 11Ants’ help, the CRM team was able to:

  • Save huge amounts of time.

  • Automate insights.

  • Decentralize data.

  • Empower teams to use insights.

  • Produce more informed presentations.

See what 11Ants can do

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