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Retail Customer Analytics Resources

Awaken the sleeping giant to grow margins and revenue.
This white paper explores the challenges retailers face in harnessing the potential of loyalty data to drive meaningful business outcomes. Despite the vast amounts of data generated by their program many retailers struggle to convert this information into actionable insights that positively impact customer loyalty, profitability and overall business performance.

So Much Customer Data, So Little Impact!

A Retailer’s Guide to Monetizing Customer Insights with Suppliers.
In this white paper we explore the main questions and considerations for any retailer looking to realise greater potential from its customer data asset, through commercializing data, insight and customer reach with suppliers. The paper additionally provides the basis of a ‘how to’ playbook for establishing a retail data commercialization program.

New Revenue Through Data Collaboration

A framework for assessing your readiness to unlock value from your customer data. This checklist provides you with an actionable framework for assessing your readiness to unlock value from your customer data. ​​

Customer Data Readiness Checklist

A Data & Insights Perspective For Retail Executives. Covid changed retail almost overnight. It has changed retail because shopper behaviour has changed. Do you know how your shopper behaviour has changed and its implications for your instore and e-commerce offerings?

Navigating The Post-Covid Omnichannel Transition

An actionable assessment of retail loyalty programs for executives. A collaboration between 11Ants and the University of Auckland. The 11Ants Global Retail Loyalty Trends Report was compiled in 2020 and represents hundreds of hours of research, poring over millions of words, from hundreds of sources.

Global Retail Loyalty Trends Report

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