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We’re here to take the pain out of dealing with data, making life easier and business better.

​The reality is that if you are like most retailers, once you start thinking about analyzing customer behavior and basket level data, conventional systems and tools struggle and life becomes miserable. It’s no longer a bit of Tableau here, PowerBI there, Qlik over here (these tools certainly have their place, and all of our customers use one or more of them extensively, but they solve a different problem). What’s needed is a solution which was built from the ground up to solve the unique challenges that customer behavioral data brings.​

There are a number of reasons for this struggle, foremost is the fact that retailers are generally organized around products (product > category > department etc.) and therefore so are retail information systems. Adding up sales, units sold, gross margin is pretty simple stuff computationally speaking, even if there are hundreds of millions or even billions of transactions.​

The fundamental game-change that a loyalty program offers you as a retailer is the customer self-identifies,  which provides you with a customer id alongside their purchase transaction. The possibilities this opens in terms of data analysis is just about limited only by your imagination. However, this also creates the struggle, you are no longer simply adding numbers, rather you need to dive in and out of specific transactions related to certain customers at certain times, in certain locations, as a result of certain activities and do this across hundreds of millions, if not billions of data elements in a reasonable time frame – this is the reason for your pain.​

At 11Ants we get up every day thinking about how you can do more with the data generated by your loyalty program and how we can save you time and effort and help you and your team make more profitable, customer-friendly decisions.​

We support several thousand stores on just about every continent and we are really excited by the difference that it makes to our customers lives.​

What we’ve built allows retail customers to do for themselves what large retail consulting companies charge millions of dollars per year to do for them. We don't charge millions of dollars per year. This suddenly meant that Tier 2 and Tier 3 retailers could have the same level of advanced analytics as the Tescos of the world, at a price that they could afford.​

We are often asked where the name 11Ants came from...​

In numerology the angel number 11 is considered to be the gateway to enlightenment, representing metaphysical strength and a new vision (we confess to not believing in numerology, but love the symbolism of this...) .  Ants are strong, hard-working, highly-organized creatures which make order out of chaos. These two concepts together sum up exactly what 11Ants is. Plus, when your data analysis has been left until the 11th hour  (which we are sure never happens to you...!) is when you'll be most glad you have 11Ants!​

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