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An actionable assessment of retail loyalty programs for executives. A collaboration between 11Ants and the University of Auckland.

The 11Ants Global Retail Loyalty Trends Report was compiled in 2020 and represents hundreds of hours of research, poring over millions of words, from hundreds of sources.

We have distilled this into a consumable report.  It touches on areas such as;

  • the theoretical framework of relationship marketing;

  • factors which impact consumer loyalty program participation;

  • differences and similarities between pharmacy and loyalty programs;

  • the evolution of retail loyalty programs, emerging trends in loyalty programs;

  • personalization;

  • relevance of digital element;

  • coalition loyalty programs;

  • transparency versus ambiguity and engagement trends; and

  • observations and recommendations. 

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It then provides a deep dive into the mechanics of loyalty programs at 36 retailers across six countries. 

Global Retail Loyalty Trends Report

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