Increase any merchandizing team’s efficiency and effectiveness​

Do far more, in far less time. Less time pulling reports and more time for the real value-adding work.​

“I can save a huge amount of time by utilizing 11Ants reporting to replace other reports that was running separately for the same information. 11Ants information is far superior in its content and presentation. “ ​

Category Manager, Supermarket

“The use of 11Ants has improved my effectiveness just with the sheer amount of data and how quickly we can analyze it. I think everyone in the business uses Key Measures every Monday morning to review the last week, and very quickly identify sort of the 80/20 rule. What worked really well and what's not working so well and be able to instantly put plans in place - that week - to respond to those. And in FMCG that's so important.” 

Director of Merchandizing, Supermarket

Make better decisions faster

Make decisions quicky and efficiently

“Whether it's a supplier coming in for a meeting or whether it's an opportunity we need to explore, or whether it's just that we need to clean up based on margin or profitability. 11Ants provides a really, really, quick way to find that information and make those decisions in a more efficient manner.”

Category Manager, Supermarket

Merchandizing Teams​

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Better understand promotions

Promotions that are well planned, well executed and fully analysed.

“Most week's using the Promo Evaluation module we can clearly see through those promotional activities the uplift, the margin gains that we've got.  Those analysis used to take us sometimes weeks now can take as a matter of five minutes to actually run, which is fantastic.”

Chief Marketing Officer, Supermarket

Director of Merchandizing, Supermarket

Promotional programs are another really exciting thing that we can now see the effect of. So you can grab a set of promotions, put them into 11Ants and see the effect it has on sales dollars, on margin, on units growth. And again, very graphically, you can see the step changes as you go into promotion and then as you come down the other side.