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Rapid risk free deployment

Deploying 11Ants is fast, simple, rapid and risk free for your IT department.

“We were nervous going in. We thought it was going to be complicated. We thought it was going to be time consuming. But we were very pleasantly surprised just how easy it was and the fact that it took less than ten days to actually deploy.” 

CEO, Grocery Retailer

CMO, Grocery Retailer

“With a lot of the other solutions we did look at, the amount of data manipulation or changes that we had to do to get our data ready to be uploaded, was potentially of a concern. Once we handed over our files, it was uploaded in a matter of - I think of - hours, and we could see what the system looked like. So it was amazingly quick, to get our data configured to the 11Ants process.”​

11Ants for IT Professionals

See what 11Ants can do

11Ants will help future proof your data structure

Need to change or update some data? Go right ahead – you don’t need us to get involved. Data changes have been historically lucrative for analytics software vendors. Not with 11Ants, you just make your changes and we don’t need to even know about them.

“Part of any supermarket business is that things change, categories change, consumer behaviors change. Part of the concerns we had is if you install this data warehouse, put the visuals over the top of it and our business changes... what happens to the existing system? Do you have to then go and rewrite or reinstall, or do that?


So that was one concern I had, in my position. What we found was that as long as we change the data in our point of sale system, it just flows automatically through the 11Ants process. That's very powerful as you start to change and modify your business, based on those consumer trends. “​

Bryce Howard, CEO, Farro

Information security​

Security of your data is as important to us as it is to you.  11Ants is ISO 27001:2013 certified by BSI under certificate number IS 752610. Be assured - your data is being managed in accordance with best industry practices.

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