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Answer the questions the business throws at you effortlessly and on time!

Put that feeling of being unable to keep up behind you for good. ​

“We just don’t feel like a bottle neck anymore”  

Business Intelligence Manager, 500+ Store Supermarket

Insights & Analytics Teams

Who it's for

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Free up massive amounts of time to focus on the insight

Move your time from low value preparation work to high value interpretation work.

“11Ants has improved the effectiveness of me doing my job...just dramatically. Every day, I'm in it finding out information that has spread across the business to the stores, to management, marketing, categories - it's an incredible tool. Jobs that took me up to three days, are now done within fifteen minutes. And that gives me enough time to go back and find out more information and to get an actionable result out of what we're looking for.“

Simon Foley, Data & IT Manager, Farro​

Work through your analysis at the speed of thought

Answer the first question and instantly dive deeper, effortlessly.​

“The biggest benefit has been the speed at which I can get results and being able to then iterate into the next question and the next question from there to find an action we can take to better serve our customers.”

Analyst, Supermarket

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