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Integrate with just about any enterprise data system.

11Ants has been successfully integrated with numerous home office and data solutions. 11Ants is agnostic as to the software system the data comes from, and utilizes our proprietary 11Ants Data Upload Client technology to compress and encrypt data and delivery it rapidly and securely to 11Ants. If your system can export tab delimited text files, you can rapidly integrate with 11Ants. You can decide to manually trigger uploads (particularly useful in the evaluation phase) or configure it so that automated daily uploads are triggered. ​


Examples of easily integrated sources include:

  • Amazon Redshift

  • Databricks

  • Microsoft SQL

  • Oracle

  • SAP

  • Teradata​


​If you would like to enquire about integration to a specific data source, please feel free to contact us.

"Our experience with the deployment process... We were nervous going in. We thought it was going to be complicated. We thought it was going to be time consuming. But we were very pleasantly surprised just how easy it was and the fact that it took less than ten days to actually deploy."

Fiona McCauley, Customer Experience Officer, Farro​

Interested in learning more?

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