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Persuading with Data- HBR Insight Centre

Anyone involved in working with data will find this short series of articles and videos interesting and likely useful. The video of Kurt Vonnegut – describing stories as data arcs – is an interesting way of thinking about how to make presentation of data more compelling, and a deeper way of considering the simplistic often-chanted mantra ‘your data must tell a story’.

Why You Have to Generate Your Own Data

Scott Anthony April 21, 2014

Relying on others’ research only gets you so far.

To Tell Your Story, Take a Page from Kurt Vonnegut

Andrea Ovans April 15, 2014

The famous author plots out three most compelling story arcs.

To Go from Big Data to Big Insight, Start with a Visual

Sinan Aral. Visualization by Nikolaos Hanselmann August 27, 2013

Lessons on making data useful from inside The New York Times.

How GE Uses Data Visualization to Tell Complex Stories

Gretchen Gavett May 9, 2013

An interview with Linda Boff, GE’s executive director of global brand marketing.

How to Tell a Story with Data

Jim Stikeleather April 24, 2013

It starts with finding the most compelling narrative and thinking about your audience.

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