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A Christmas Message to 11Ants Partners

Our partners at 11Ants include our customers, suppliers and other misguided friends we've picked up over the years.

Every year rather than purchasing Christmas gifts for these great people, we collaborate with them on bigger things. 11Ants decides on a cause to support, puts in all the money we would have spent on buying Christmas gifts, then matches that amount by 100%, then adds an additional decent chunk of money, such that we can do something more material to help the world in some small way.

This year we and our partners have supported Kiwi K.A.R.E. Ukraine in providing humanitarian relief to the people of Ukraine. So far more than 7 million Ukrainians have been displaced. Many remain in Ukraine, unable to get away from the suffering and trauma of constant artillery shelling and missile attacks.

Like many people, we at 11Ants watch what is happening with a sense of horror, helplessness and overall despair – this is our small effort to be something other than mere bystanders. Kiwi K.A.R.E. Ukraine is led by New Zealander Tenby Powell. We have a great respect for Tenby and this initiative - please do watch some of the videos Tenby has posted if you have the chance to.

We are grateful to all of you who have made it possible that we can be of some little help here.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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