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Over 4,000 retail stores in seven countries do better thanks to 11Ants.

Our customers are retailers with revenues from $50m to $13b and span across every retailer sector you can name -  from South America's largest department store chain to some of Europe's largest supermarkets.

Actionable insights to build your business

Using data to connect with customers is the key to winning in retail. You have the data. Conventional business intelligence tools are great for sales, units sold and gross profit. But they're slow and clunky when you need to interrogate customer data to see what's really going on. 

Our analytics solution makes life easier - delivering access to actionable insights you can use to connect with customers.


Truly customer centric retailing at your fingertips


Navigating the Post-Covid Omnichannel Transition

Our customers are happy...

"When we first saw 11Ants we basically sat there with our jaws on the floor, thinking can I have this? Can I have this now?​" 

Simon Foley, Data & IT Manager, Farro

"If we took 11Ants out, it wouldn't just leave a hole, it would just leave this gaping chasm, where we just wouldn't be able to guide the business anywhere near as well as we guide it now. "

Bryce Howard, CEO, Farro

"If you're a business today that's spends all your time working at the level of aggregation where you have more questions after the meeting than you have  discussions around what's really happening.  You need to be thinking in this space. I would absolutely recommend 11Ants."​

Chris Fisher, Merchandising Manager, Mitre10

Want loyalty?
Find insights.

The way to generating loyalty is understanding data. And it’s a big ask – because there’s no shortage of it in today’s retail environment.  We’ll help you leverage and act on the massive amount of data your shopper loyalty program throws at you.

Chief Marketing Officer, Grocery Retailer

"A light bulb moment which made us realize that we needed a new solution, was when our customers started to tell us more and more 'You should know us, you've got our data.' "

Instant answers to hard questions

Even complex data questions get answered in minutes without needing an army of analysts on standby.

Simon Foley, Data & IT Manager, Farro

"Jobs that took me up to three days are now done within fifteen minutes."

Strengthen your relationship with suppliers

Keeping your suppliers in the loop – supplying them with relevant data and more importantly insight – helps you both build that all important relationship with shoppers. Plus, you can even turn this data sharing into a profit center.

"11Ants is a really important part of our business. The visibility we now get into what is going on through the [Retailer] channel is so much better than we've ever had before. We are so much closer to [Retailer] because of you guys. We really are." 

GM Sales, Supplier to Retailer

See what 11Ants can do





Awaken the sleeping giant to grow margins and revenue

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