Green Cross Health was struggling with the vast volumes of data gathered from their growing loyalty program. They understood the wealth of information they had available to them now but had no easy way to interrogate this data.


“Prior to 11Ants we were very much reliant on our data team pulling out data for us and delivering it. In terms of acting quickly and to what’s happening in the market we were really limited.“


Watch a video of how 11Ants enabled Green Cross Health to dig deeper into their data and to truly understand their customers.

Green Cross Health Video Transcript

Green Cross health is primarily a health care organization with 360 pharmacies throughout New Zealand.


Data analysis is incredibly important to Green Cross Health. We’ve got over 1.5 million Loyalty customers.


The issues we had prior 11Ants and the data interrogation tools we were using is the amount of data we have due to the volume of transactions and the sheer number of loyalty members we have. It became really difficult. It was really really slow and arduous to bring out that data and deliver any insights.


So prior to 11Ants we were very much reliant on our data team pulling out data for us and delivering it. In terms of acting quickly and to what’s happening in the market we were really limited.


When we first started using 11Ants it was within 48 hours that we had access to all our data.


This gives us the ability of actually sending out a campaign looking at the results and making some recommendations to drive business performance.


I think the big advantage we’ve got with 11Ants is that it’s really easy to keep re-interrogating the data. If you ask a question and then more questions arise out of those results. It’s not something we then have to go and brief our data team to redo the analysis. We’ve got the ability to do that ourselves and in real time.


With 11Ants they have modules that can produce sort of predictive models for us and really intelligent ways we can interpret data without having to do it so manually.


One of the other great advantages of 11Ants is that when you are doing analysis that doesn’t just show you what happened and the results, but you can also interrogate the data to show why things might have happened.


Before 11Ants we had no real view of customer segmentation and high value/low value. With 11Ants there is a module that will do that for us and we can split our campaigns and send to different segments and look at the results and decide whether we continue those campaigns to those segments or do different messages to those segments. So it’s given us the ability to do things that we actually just couldn’t do before.


With 11Ants we can get out of a campaign timely results and actually change what we’re doing. Who are we talking to? Who we are suppressing? Who we might change messages to?


So the scoring model within 11Ants is really incredibly useful because within a matter of seconds you can export out all 1.5 million customers and you can see them as individuals in terms of what products are most relevant and which ones they purchase the most frequently or what categories they purchase the most frequently from. So you can actually take your communications down to individual customer level.


One of the great advantages of working with 11Ants is how quick and easy it is for us to get post campaign analysis results. It comes in a format that’s really easy to be interpreted like graphs or you can choose what format you want to view it in. And it comes in a matter of seconds.


One of the great benefits of being part of the 11Ants community is that it’s a great ecosystem of retailers around the world feeding ideas and benefits into the system and we’re all delivering better customer engagement and customer service.


11Ants has helped us build stronger relationships with our suppliers because we can now provide them with more in-depth insights about who their customers actually are including what age groups they tend to fall into. So with those peaks in those ages they can direct their marketing activity more directly so that they are talking in the correct way to those customers of those ages.


The Suppliers didn’t have access to this information before so we’ve been able to provide more value for our mutual customers. So it works both ways. We get more information and they get more information.


We’re seeing some fantastic results in marketing and we’re really using it on a daily basis to drive business decisions and customer insights. So we’re going to roll that through the merchandising team and also through the finance team which will be really exciting for the business. It’s been an incredibly beneficial tool.

Pharmacy Case Study

Green Cross Health

Green Cross Health represents more than 350 community Pharmacies throughout New Zealand under the Unichem and Life Pharmacy brands and hold equity interests in 90 of these pharmacies. Each year their pharmacists dispense more than 31 million script items and provide health and wellness care and advice, products and services to our communities every day.

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