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Retail Analytics Case Study


Idea operates nearly 350 stores in Serbia. 11Ants has made a huge difference to how their teams use data to understand their customers and make more informed, faster decisions. Here’s how 11Ants helped.


At Idea, the CRM team always found it challenging to create and deliver reporting and other requests to business management, quickly and accurately, given challenges with their database and the time it took to process data. 

“The management requests are very frequent because the market condition is changing very fast. So the biggest challenge is certainly the time necessary to process the data and deliver the final reports.”

Watch the video to learn how 11Ants has greatly improved the speed, accuracy and confidence of the CRM team at Idea enabling fast response to requests and self-serve customer insight to teams.


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tangible business benefits

With the introduction of 11Ants to the Idea business, the CRM team is now able to:

  • Greatly reduce the need for lengthy, complex SQL queries.

  • Save a lot of time.

  • Produce instant, useful reporting for the business.

  • Understand customers and connect better with them.

  • Be confident in the accuracy of information to the business.

See what 11Ants can do

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