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When the Man Who Sparked the Customer Revolution Speaks…. We Listen

At 11Ants Analytics we’ve got a lot of respect for Don Peppers. Along with Martha Rogers, he’s undoubtedly authored some of the most important books on managing customer relationships ever written. Their ground-breaking book The One to One Future: Building Customer Relationships One Customer at a Time was called ‘one of the two or three most important books ever written’ by Inc. Magazine managing editor George Gendron, and Business Week called it the ‘bible of new marketing’. The book is widely credited as having sparked the CRM revolution.

He contributes as a hugely popular Influencer on LinkedIn. If you are interested in refreshingly intelligent reads on all things customer and business, then you should follow him if you are not one of the 165,000 people that do already.

When Don Peppers says we’ve got smart thinking on analytics…we’re flattered.

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