Massive Time Savings

Are you wasting hours, or even days, painfully wrestling important answers from your retail data using conventional tools?​

Answer even extremely complex questions in minutes!​​

“Jobs that took me up to three days, are now done within 15 minutes”

Simon Foley, Data & IT Manager, Farro

Unlock the Value Promised by Your Loyalty Program

Are you squandering the investment made in your retail loyalty program, due to the pain involved in answering the hard questions of your data?​

Effortlessly leverage the data and empower your loyalty program to make your customers loyal!​

“A light bulb moment which made us realise that we needed a new solution was when our customers started to tell us more and more, you should know us, you've got our data” 

Fiona McCauley, Farro​

Data Answers Today Not Two Weeks From Now

Do you have to wait days or weeks to get your data questions answered? 

Have your questions answered same day, or even answer them yourself.

“Prior to 11Ants we were very much reliant on our data team pulling out data for us and delivering it. In terms of acting quickly and to what's happening in the market we were really limited”

Sarah Van der Loos, Customer Engagement Manager, Green Cross Health

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