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11Ants Announces New Customer – Ecuador’s Leading Department Store Almacenes De Prati

11Ants is very excited to announce our newest customer – one of Latin America’s leading department stores – Almacenes De Prati headquartered in Guayaquil, Ecuador.  

We are particularly proud of this deployment as it validates our big promise – just how painless it is to get up and running with 11Ants Retail Insights Cloud. In theory we are talking about the project that frightens even the bravest of souls – deploy an advanced customer analytics platform, in a Spanish-speaking country, linguistically and geographically on the other side of the world from the English-speaking solution vendor. Yet the reality is De Prati provisioned themselves and were up and running within days – the process was about as complicated as setting up an email campaign.

So now every month thousands of complex models are built automatically and delivered to De Prati’s team in near real time to solve real business problems. This done by transforming millions of raw retail transactions into actionable stories about De Prati’s customers, products, promotions and stores.

De Prati’s CRM manager Jose Andres Clavijo says he and his team have been surprised by just how easy it is for users not familiar with data analysis to explore the main variables affecting business performance. 11Ants RAP is intuitive and is helping establish new business strategies and plans.

“Department stores are proving to be a fantastic environment for 11Ants’ innovative customer analytics,” Clavijo says. “Our managers, designers and buying and planning, e-commerce, marketing and CRM teams are all using the platform. We are building sales arguments, optimizing our e-mail click-through-rate by showing the customer the right products at the right time, reducing performance result reporting times to our managers and providing them quick and clear action plans with real revenue objectives – all based on what we can learn from our customers’ behavior.”

So how is all this actually possible? ShiSh Shridhar is the Worldwide Director of Data Insights, Retail Industry at Microsoft and is someone you can correctly assume knows his stuff. He put it better than we ever could:

“11Ants Analytics has harnessed and elegantly integrated retail best practices, high capacity cloud computing, high end customer analytics and data science. Furthermore it delivers it all to customers’ desktops via a browser. This is an example of the highest and best use of the Microsoft Azure platform.”

Equally we would say the fantastic job Microsoft has done of creating the Azure platform has made it possible for us to develop this solution which is making a tangible difference to peoples shopping experiences around the world.

The 11Ants family wish De Prati a very warm welcome!

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