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customer-centric retailer

Know your customer in ways you just never thought you could

“Using 11Ants has helped our business because it's enabled us to know our customer and understand our customer better. Through that, we've been able to personalize our communications, our service, our product and actually serve them in a better way. “

Fiona McCauley, Customer Experience Officer, Farro

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Respond and adapt in near real time

Keep your finger firmly on the pulse of the effects of your marketing activities and modify course immediately.​

“Using the Promo Evaluation tool, we can clearly see, through those activities the uplfts, the margin gains that we've got. Those analyses used to take us sometimes weeks, now can take us a matter of five minutes to actually run, which is fantastic. So then that actually benefits us, getting those insights more quickly. We can adapt our marketing activities to be more tailored to the results that we're getting.”​

CEO, Grocery Retailer

Transform the way you communicate with segmentation and personalization

Turn the differences in your customers into a competitive strength for your organization, effortlessly.

“Another benefit of using 11Ants is we've been able to improve our segmentation, our personalization to our customers, build segments and of the behaviour from the customers that we've identified. So through the segmentation, we've been able to tailor our marketing and achieve a very positive return on investment. “

Chief Marketing Officer, Grocery Retailer

Allocate your marketing dollars with confidence

Remove the guess work and understand the relationship between activities and performance.

“(Before 11Ants) There were just so many questions we just struggled to answer and we ended up guessing. So we ended up doing a little bit of marketing over here and a little bit more investment here. And it was not a cohesive solution and we didn't know the cause and effect.”

CEO, Grocery Retailer