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Customer Success Manager


Auckland, New Zealand or Remote (Worldwide)

Employment Type


The Role

11Ants is here to take the pain out of dealing with retail data, making life easier and business better. We want our customers to be the happiest customers of any SaaS company in the world.  We want them to experience not only the results they hoped for when deciding to purchase our solution - we want their expectations to be truly surpassed.


At an organizational level we want enhanced business performance and superior decision making for our customers.  At a personal level we want wins for the humans who engage with our solution; and to help them thrive, succeed and get promoted.

This is why we are looking for someone amazing to be our Customer Success Manager.

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure our customers (retailers and CPG manufacturers) obtain value from our powerful analytics/insights solution and use it to improve their organizational and personal results.

  • Obtain insights from customer data in our solution to exemplify the value which is possible. While this is not a consulting role, it will nevertheless require you to be able to extract and share insights with customers in order to demonstrate what is possible.

  • Create scalable and efficient resources that allow customers to learn how to use our solution and apply the resultant insights to their business.

  • Be the face of our company with our customers.

  • Develop and implement a plan for each customer designed to ensure a successful,  enduring, and growing partnership.

  • Track customer engagement and develop action plans and resources to support increased engagement (and therefore customer value).

  • Train customers (generally virtually).

  • On-board customers.

  • Influence our product roadmap by translating customer business pain points into solution enhancements.

Who You Are (Ideally!)

  • Bachelor's degree in computer science, information technology, or a related field

  • You have at least 3-4 years analytics/insights experience with retail customer data. This may be from working for a relevant consulting company (e.g. Dunnhumby, Quantium, etc.) or directly for a large retailer that actively uses customer data in a proficient way. Such that you really know retail customer data and the things that it enables.

  • You will be competent in creating intelligent, engaging and scalable resources designed for customers to obtain value via self-service  (user guides, playbooks, videos, etc.).

  • You will be good at relationship building.

  • You will be good at engaging people in training workshops.

  • You will have good presentation skills.

Place of Work

  • Hybrid / Remote (Worldwide)

  • We are based in New Zealand and have a remote-friendly working culture so you can work from anywhere in the world as long as you have a stable wi-fi connection.

  • We offer flexible working hours as long as you're able to align with us and our customers (who are located around the world) as required.

Why 11Ants?

  • Competitive Salary + Discretionary Bonus

  • Ant Mondays – five extra Mondays off every year at full pay

  • We are a small fast-growing company where you will be able to make a real impact

  • You will be  collaborating with a supportive team

  • Informal office environment

  • Remote work options

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